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Welcome to the Igloo

The Igloo has grown to become an iconic location of the Illinois Valley area since it first opened on July 4th, 1937. Founded during the Great Depression by the original owners Louis "Louie" and Stephanie "Pat" Mazzorana, the Igloo continued to be family owned and operated into December of 2010. Carrying on the traditions and continuing to build the business for the future was then passed on to Rich and Chris Decker on December 16th, 2010.

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The Food Network website selected The Igloo as the best diner in the state of Illinois!

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Signature Sandwich

Our signature sandwich is our Pork Tenderloin. We use true pork tenderloin meat... Learn More

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Fresh Burgers

As for our burgers, we get fresh ground chuck delivered here daily.... Learn More

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Hand-cut Fries

And we still cut our fries by hand. It's much more labor-intensive... Learn More

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Homemade Root Beer Float

Wash it all down with our delicious homemade Root Beer, or our unrivaled Root Beer Float... Learn More

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Love bacon? Love chicken? Love ranch dressing? Let us put all three great flavors together on one sandwich! We take our grilled chicken sandwich, add 2 strips of bacon, then drizzle our ranch dressing on top, and add lettuce and tomato for a great unique taste… It's OMG good!
The Igloo Diner Owners: Rich and Chris Decker
- Cheryl R. -

"Five generations of my family have eaten great food here and we have all loved and enjoyed the unsurpassed pork tenderloins, other great food at this friendly casual place. Kind of place you will want to return to time and again."

- Ryan M. -

"Staff was awesome food was awesome. Can't go wrong with the philly cheesesteak and homemade fries. First time there but I will definitely be becoming a regular."

- Gina K. -

"I have been ordering a pork with the works and fries with a Vanilla Coke for as long as I can remember. I have lived away from LP area for over 30 years but eat at the Igloo every time I come home!! Congrats! You deserve the status of Best Dinner in Illinois!!"

- Patricia R. -

"Awesome place to eat. Food and service was great. Loved the retro look throughout the restaurant. Will definitely go back."

Igloo sign in front of a double rainbow in the sky.

What's chillin at the Igloo?

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2 weeks ago

Igloo Diner

GREAT NEWS! We found out yesterday that ALL our employees have tested negative and have no symptoms for Covid!!! This includes Chris and I.
At the end of this week we will have been quarantined for 14 days and then start getting The Igloo ready to open again. Yea!
We plan on opening Wednesday 7/29 at 11 am.
Due to the continuous rise locally in Covid cases we are going to make some changes at this time.
First, we are going back to carry out orders only. No inside dining at this time. We still have table outside for exterior dining.
Secondly, anyone entering The Igloo will be required to wear a mask. We understand how some of you feel about this, but we feel the need to go with the recommendations to help eliminate the possibility of going through this again.
Thirdly, we decided to close Mondays as well as Tuesdays at this time. We feel the need to do this to contribute to Chris’s and I health and well-being during this stressful time due to the amount of hours we put in. Chris and I aren’t spring chickens anymore 😦. This will be temporary and reopen Mondays when the time is right.
Our hours will now be Wednesday through Sunday 11-8.
We thank you, as always, for your understanding and continued support!!!
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Great news! Glad to see you are taking the recommended precautions and setting the tone for restaurants in the area. Stay well!!

Happy you all were negative And I think you need to start the car hop back Carry the take out orders to peoples cars I myself don’t like going in a restaurant at all at this time Glad you will be back opened Best porks around

We are so glad to hear that you and Chris, along with your employees are doing well. Can’t wait for your re-opening!!!

Thank you for doing the right thing for your employees and community and for taking care of yourselves. Both are so important! I’ll be in for my pork tenderloin and ravs again when you open. 🙂

Good plans! It is good that you all are thinking this through well, and communicating this well to us. You guys truly deserve all the support you get. Can’t wait to visit you guys again.

Happy you and Chris are well! Happy that you will be able to reopen! Look forward to getting some of your great food!

Your health is more important. So happy you are doing well. We will be home in September and hoping you will still be open then. 🙂

Wonderful news and great plan ! Remember to put you first and your health ❤️My family will continue to support you with our carry out orders.

Glad everything came back negative for you guys! Can't wait to get in the car and drive from Mendota to get my Tenderloin, fries and Root Beer! By the way, do you have diet Root Beer? Asking for a friend!🤣

So glad to hear everyone is ok!! Thank you for taking extra precautions!!! Take care!!! ❤❤🙂

Thank you for the update! Happy you & all employees are healthy! Thank you for taking all steps nessecary to keep yourselves an public safe!

Thanks for doing the right thing and being careful. You're setting a good example for the community.

Great news and hope you all stay healthy. Your decisions on going forward are wise and will protect yourselves and your customers! Glad you're coming back 😄

I am glad to hear you are taking steps to take care of yourself and your bride.

Great news. Do what is best for all and your business. 👍

Sounds like a fantastic news!! <3 You have made excellent choices. Hope to see you soon. <3

Great news. You need to do what you feel is best for yourself and for all. Safety first.

Happy you are all well!! Yes your being smart! Better to be safer than sorry!!

Yay! Great news for everyone! Looking forward to seeing you again. 🎉🎉🎉

So happy to hear that the team is healthy!

So happy to hear all are well and you will be back in business!

Good News!! Looking forward to having you back open. 😀

i'll have a pork with K/P thank you!!!

Great news ,, Good Luck

Great news!

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4 weeks ago

Igloo Diner

Just talked with Lasalle County Health Department. They said that covid is not foodbourn and that since customers have not spent a straight 15 minutes within 6 feet of any employees, affected or not, that the risk is very very very low. Any questions they recommend calling your local health department. ... See MoreSee Less

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I commend you for doing everything you are supposed to do and telling the public. This is the type of business that should be trusted as they are being honest and taking all precautions! Best of Luck!!! 👏🏽

This is so responsible of you! The Igloo deserves all the support the community can muster. Bless you all!

I too applaud you for your transparency! We know you have followed all protocol in an effort to keep your customers and self healthy. Unfortunately no one who works in the public can guarantee immunity. He/she won’t know if there was exposure by a customer who isn’t showing symptoms, someone else at work, or in your family circle. I just pray your employee is recovering and the symptoms are mild. I also hope your other employees will test negative.

Our family commends you for how you are making this public and keeping everyone updated. I hope others can learn from your responsible actions. I know we will choose the igloo more from now on and I think others will too. I mean this just adds to the fact that you have the best porks ever!

Great job keeping the public informed and protected!

We are behind you 100%!

Are you going to reopen? At least for curbside service?

How long will you be closed?

Such a trying time for all Americans. God bless you for posts & keeping us informed. Stay well & I hope your employee is going to be okay, You are all in my prayers!

That’s good news! Thank you for keeping us informed! (Prayers that your employee is ok). Hope you are all healthy & able to open soon!

Thanks for keeping us all posted. Hope you all stay safe.

You're doing everything right. Can't wait till you open again

Hope you’re back up and running very soon.

Hope to see you open when I get there!!!! ❤️🙏🏼🤞🏼

Igloo your awesome

Thank you. Miss my pork.

We stand behind you! See you soon.

Good job

Hannah Fox

Great job in being proactive Rich.

Thanks for keeping us informed!

Tiffany Moody

Thank you.

Jenna Gehm

Yeah!! Great news!

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4 weeks ago

Igloo Diner

We have talked to the LaSalle County Health Department. Their major concern is anyone being in Close contact with this person for 15 minutes or more. But to be extremely cautious we have chosen to remain closed for a bit to give ourselves and our employees time to be tested. Will update when needed ... See MoreSee Less

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Are there concerns for anyone who ate at the diner during this employees recent shifts per the Health Department? Thank you for your transparency- it’s such a responsible thing to do and not the easiest path to take!

Thank you for being responsible business owners. Take care of yourselves and be safe.

I applaud you for taking precautions and being a safe local business! When you reopen I will be ordering more! Thank you for caring for your employees and family ❤️❤️

So sorry about this happening!I know you have done everything in your power to keep everyone safe!!

SO here in the East Coast, we are asking for customers name & phone number & along with their servers name & table number for reasons exactly like this...might want to think about it as well as other area restaurants there👍🏼😷😎

Thank you for trying to keep our community safe. Prayers it is isolated to one employee and the rest of you are safe.

We stopped in last week for lunch and we were very impressed on how you are making distancing available for your patrons. Everyone were wearing masks and seating was very safe. Thank you! So sorry about your troubles praying for all to be safe.

My husband ate there Thursday- was that person working then? If so I’d like to know so he can get tested- we have someone in our family who is vulnerable

I enjoy the food there , ive seen how cautious you are with all of this , been in there multiple times throughout covid . I pray noone else gets it or has it . Thank you for keeping us posted .

You are a class act my dear friends. Julie and I have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so much for the update. Take care. We will be back. Prayers to you all.🙏🙏🙏

Stay safe and we'll see you when you open back up

So what are you 2 going to do

Thinking of you!!

Thinking of you and your staff.🙏

Prayers for you and your employees and families

Prayers for all and be safe

Good luck Rich. Difficult times.

Thank you Rich. We appreciate your decision .

Thanks for keeping us informed.


You are all in my prayers. 🙏

Thank you again for keeping everyone safe

Thank You. Take care

Tiffany Moody there’s hope

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4 weeks ago

Igloo Diner

We know and share your concerns. We are concerned for ourselves as well. We are working with a minimum staff and we all have contact with food one way or another. We took it upon ourselves to close the restaurant until we know where we go from here. We have contacted the LaSalle country health department for further guidance. We thank you so very much and will keep you updated ... See MoreSee Less

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Kudos to your restaurant for the honest approach! 🙌Wishing a speedy recovery and that your fellow employees all test negative!

Very wise decision; stay safe and will look forward to a pork plate 🥰

Sending up healing and positive energy. This has to be scary for you.

Well I will be looking forward to a taco salad

Best wishes, Igloo Crew. I hope for your health and speedy re-opening.

Praying 🙏 your employee will be ok and nobody else gets this scary virus ;(

Hope everyone is ok! Thanks for your honesty! Prayers to your employee.

Prayers going out and healthy healing wishes to your employee. We will continue to enjoy the Igloo xo

Thank you for taking care of things the right way

Hang in there! ❤️🙏

Can you share when this person last worked?

Praying for a speedy recovery

Prayers for you and your staff

Prayers for all

Stay SAFE!



Prayers that things work out and prayers for all involved.

Good Luck! Hoping for a speedy reopening!!🙏

prayers and thoughts go up


Prayers and Best Wishes, Igloo!

🙏🙏🙏🙏 for everyone!!

Good luck to all of you and wishing all of you the best and prayers

Donna Castelli

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4 weeks ago

Igloo Diner

We just found out an employee of ours tested positive for covid this morning. We are not 100% sure of correct protocols at this time so we will not be open today. Will keep you all posted. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I'm very proud to support a business that cares about the public safety and is brave enough to post. We will be sending good vibes for a fast and healthy recovery.

Hope this is helpful: -Contact the local health department to make them aware. -Contact every single individual (employees and diners) who came into contact with this individual (as best as possible). That is critical to minimize any potential spread. Those individuals all need to quarantine for 14 days and likely be tested. -Have a professional company deep clean the restaurant with products known and approved to kill the virus. Consider a HEPA filter to temporarily purify the air. Stay safe 💛

Thank you for your honesty! Speedy recovery to your employee and hoping no one else gets sick. We will be back!

Thank you for your honesty. You’ll be back better than ever once this done.

Thoughts and prayers going out . We will always support the Igloo ! Great food and friendly people !

goes to show the importance of that person wearing a mask like the igloo owners make them wear

Thank you for being honest about this. Prayers for the employee for a quick recovery and for everyone else that they don't have it. Can't wait until you are back open.

Thank you for being candid. It’s businesses like yours that I will continue to patronize because you care.

I have not been to your place of business as of yet but I will when you reopen! Kudos to you on being honest and open and obviously caring about your customers and employees!

Wishing them to not have a severe case, and it doesn’t get too spread. Stay safe and let’s not all be negative.

Now I know why your not answering your phone . Thanks for being so cautious ! Hope everyone is ok!

I am so sorry you all are going through this. It is so nerve wracking when it hits home. Be safe.

14 days minimum closure and u best get folks in hazmat suits to clean your place.

Have other employees who were in contact with that person get tested as well. Be safe ❤️

Any company certified in healthcare cleaning can do the cleanup. Mine had it , but I am not taking new customers. Just letting you know what to ask for when searching for cleaning companies.

My prayers for the full recovery of your employee. Thank you for being honest and letting the public know.

Thank you for your honesty & concern for patrons. Wishing your employer a quick recovery.

With symptoms or asymptomatic? Has a second test been done to reduce chances of a false positive?

Thank you for keeping the public informed. #lovetheigloo

Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it.

Thank you for sharing ❤ we will continue to support you guys always!

Thanks for caring. Hoping your employee has a complete recovery.

Thanks for sharing and being cautious.

Thank You for doing what needs to be done to be safe for all!!

I was in there this past Thursday . Do I need to do anything. I am really hoping you are all ok but now we can be infected

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