The Igloo has grown to become an iconic location of the Illinois Valley area since it first opened on July 4th, 1937. Founded during the Great Depression by the original owners Louis "Louie" and Stephanie "Pat" Mazzorana, the Igloo continued to be family owned and operated into December of 2010. Carrying on the traditions and continuing to build the business for the future was then passed on to Rich and Chris Decker on December 16th, 2010.
The Red, White & Blue Burger

2819 4th St, Peru, IL 61354
 | 815-223-0848
Uncle "Sam"Mich Wants You...
to Order a Red, White & Blue Burger!
The Red... 2 Fresh Ground Chuck Patties, Ketchup & Tomatoes
The White... Bun, Mayo & Onion
The Blue... 2 Slices of Blended Bleu/Monterey Cheese.
The Sammich is So Good You'll Want to Salute it!